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Image processing

We extract and provide all the parameters required after satellite imagery is processed, to make better farming decisions

Remote Sensing

We provide updated imagery from the satellite or from user drones, monitoring and sensing field data

Crop Health Monitoring

We deliver satellite field data to monitor health of farmers crop and asisst in early stress dectection

Soil Mapping

Providing Optimal number of management zones and delineate them using satellite imagery and field data provided by users

Rainfall Tracking

We track your field precicpation without a physcial rainfall gauge

Yeild Map

Our latest imagery pipleine technology will predict crop yeild for farmers

Input Planning

Our online GIS system provides unique input tracking system for farmers

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About Us

Our mission is to provide farmers with tools to understand their crop behaviour and building better decision analysis. Our services include monitoring nutrient deficiencies, diseases, water deficiency or surplus, weed infestations, insect damage, hail damage, wind damage, herbicide damage and plant populations. We will deploy latest satellite and drone image processing technology in fetching hyperspectral spectral data and building efficient crop monitoring data service which results in enhanced yeild and crop quality.


We provide a mobile solution with 24 hours access to farmers data


Our latest security protocol keep your data secure


You can collect share and collect field easily with experts


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