We provide scalable analytic tools for Big Data
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We provide NDVI data of raster imagery by processing fresh satellite imagery severing remote sensing field applications in agriculture


We deliver imagery collected in the field by drones to monitor health of crop


Cloud platform to process satellite imagery to obtain surface lithology and identify clays, oxides and soils, detected superficial composites are often related to underground deposits of copper, gold or other metals

Government Bodies

We provide processed imagery data to government bodies aiding current environmental research

Natural Disaster

Our processed data will provide assistance in prevention and detection of natural disasters such as fire and floods

Natural Resources

We provide yearly updated data to manage forest tree counts and the impact on climate change

Data from many sources

We take fresh imagery data from sensors attached to different sources. We make secure API requests to vendor databases to get the fresh imagery captured from different sources on daily basis. Our server clusters are scalable to serve the demanding need of data analytic tools.

Quick data updates

Beriqo server is connected live to receive data updates from different sources. Our application server also sends API request to retrieve present data updates or future data captured for a requested area of interest.

Beriqo Servers

Beriqo server is supported by amazon high cloud infrastructure, and this has resizable ec2 instance as primary application server. The EBS volumes in RAID configuration are attached to each application server and are responsible for storing large TIF files. Our server applications have node.js at the heart of its process. The process also handles map requests, login, signups, client data storage, and online payments done by users.


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