Yield Maps

Beriqo's server application performs NDVI analysis of drone or satellite imagery data, to get the yield estimates for farmers. Yield forecasting reduces financial risk by taking various policy decision early on during growth season.

Crop Health Monitoring

Beriqo deploys latest server application technology, providing farmers with the fast tools to monitor the their crop health for a growing season. Farmers would be able to perform damage assessments, and detecting the root of a problem early, hence producing higher yield and quality of crop.

Crop Stress Reporting

By having a crop stress analysis report, farmers can quickly detect any known threats to the crops, such as pest attack, crop diseases, drought etc. Thus reducing the response time and results in higher yield.

GDD Accumulation

You can get the daily accumulated heat index numbers of a season and compare it with pervious seasons. This can be used assess the suitability of a region for production of a particular crop; estimate the growth-stages of crops, weeds or even life stages of insects; predict maturity and cutting dates of forage crops; predict best timing of fertilizer or pesticide application; estimate the heat stress on crops; plan spacing of planting dates to produce separate harvest dates.

Activity Notes

Easier way to share your notes, and Beriqo application server support multi-device activity or alert tracking system. Farmers will be able track and archive their field related activities.


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